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The Filling Station offers a variety of ministry options to individuals, couples, groups, churches, ministries or organizations. We are here to serve through the direction and power of the Holy Spirit without judgement, criticism or expectations.

Explore the areas below to see how we can be of service!

Prayer // Ministry

The Filling Station offers a variety of personal prayer and ministry services through in person sessions, video chat, or on the phone.

Purpose // Identity

The Filling Station provides opportunities to explore your spiritual path, purpose, identity, and gifts in a no-pressure, no-judgement environment.

Traveling // Ministry

The Filling Station is equipped to come to you! We visit groups and congregations to bring the our mission to you, as well as perform holy ceremonies.

Workshops // Mentorship

The heart of The Filling Station is to give away what God has given us! We offer workshops and impartations, in a variety of spiritual areas.

Ceremonies // Holy Services

The Filling Station is here to serve our community with a variety of holy services and ceremonies from blessings, to weddings, to burials.