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The Filling Station has a church plant, Refuge Biker Church. In this church we work in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and create an atmosphere for the Presence of God to come, dwell and do supernatural work. In this Spirit-filled space, individuals are able to connect and have personal experiences with God, as well as get personal ministry. We want to offer this experience to any would want it, and we are available to bring it to your group and/or congregation.

Congregational Ministry
A Filling Station Ministry service consists of a spirit-led, practical, hands-on, Word-based teaching given by Pastor Bryan Stanton. Following this there is a deep time of worship where people can soak in His presence. Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Bryan and the ministry team perform ministry work in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, anointing of oil, and laying on of hands.

Group Ministry
In The Filling Station group ministry it is much like a congregational service where the Word, Worship and Ministry is given. However, based on the needs or calling of the group this can be discussed and customized with Pastor Bryan.

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