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Part of the mission of the The Filling Station is to equip the saints, to do the work of ministry, and to build up the body of Christ. multiply and give away what God has given to us. Here is a list of the workshops and mentorship offered by The Filling Station Ministry.

Healing and Deliverance
In this workshop attendees learn about healing through Biblical, hands-on teaching and impartation. In this, attendees are given opportunities to apply what has been learned in the safety of class. Deliverance is another topic discussed through Biblical and practical instruction. In this, attendees learn how handle and overcome demonic situations and warfare. The purpose of this workshop is to empower believers with the knowledge and confidence to overcome demonic situations and to use the power of God to bless others with His healing and restoration.

Spiritual Gifts and Purpose
In this workshop attendees learn about Spiritual Gifts through Biblical, hands on teaching and impartation in two subtopics 1) Purpose, destiny and God’s call 2) Gifts of the Spirit God has given to empower purpose. In this, a large amount of time is used to work with attendees on discovering and developing their gifts as a group in the safety of the class. The purpose of this workshop is to provide a safe space to learn about and explore Spiritual Gifts, spiritual call and how to develop these individualized areas.

Prophetic Art
Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, attendees learn how to use art as a spiritual tool, to listen and commune with God, to use art as communication for His prophetic vision and direction, and to apply the prophetic art process in other areas of life. This workshop uses a variety of art supplies and basic design principles in discussing and working in these topics. All art backgrounds and skill levels are welcome.

Interested in hosting a workshop – or learning about healing, deliverance, or spiritual gifts?